It's time to #WorkHappy

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Coworking spaces have become a worldwide trend in the last decade. They provide their members with outstanding services and amenities that craft an environment to motivate and inspire them. Check out our list of the top benefits of coworking.

1. The People: Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces propose incredible networking opportunities for you and your business. By becoming a member of a coworking space, you expose yourself to a variety of people, businesses, and exclusive opportunities that will lead you closer to achieving your goals. Tapping into a network of new people and perspectives provides a unique advantage that you wouldn’t find working out-of-home or at the office. While coworking, valuable expertise is just a few seats away.

2. The Snacks: Brain Fuel

Whether it’s early morning fresh fruit, mid-day avocado toast, or fresh baked afternoon cookies, coworking spaces provide delicious treats and brain food to keep you fueled throughout the day. This leads to increased motivation and productivity, as well as greater teamwork and camaraderie. Having nutritious food choices available to you in the workplace allows you to form a habit of healthy snacking, thus improving your overall well-being. Additionally, complimentary tea and coffee will keep you alert and focused while sitting at your private office or coworking desk.

3. The Fitness Center: Cardio Now, Coffee Later

Many coworking spaces encourage exercise by providing amenities that allow you to stay physically active while at the office. Get your blood flowing in the gym or during a fitness class offered exclusively for members at your coworking space. Some coworking spaces even feature Meditation Rooms for those times you need to relax, rejuvenate, or getaway. There are numerous cognitive benefits of exercise including boosted happiness as well as increased concentration, creativity, and mental sharpness. This has serious positive implications for workplace performance. Ultimately, being able to utilize a fitness center while at work can directly influence the degree to which you are successful.

4. Outdoor Area: Because We’re All in Need of Some Vitamin D

Spending time outdoors is wonderful for our bodies and our minds. Coworking spaces allow members to get away from the over air-conditioned buildings and bright florescent lighting by giving them the opportunity to spend some time outside. Soak up the sun, work under the shade of a tree, or simply sit in the peace and quiet to improve mental energy and overall focus. This “nature therapy” is a breath of fresh air — literally.

5. The Etc.

Some coworking spaces may include the following amenities: Reception & Concierge Service, Conference Rooms, Business Address, Luxury Fully Furnished Office, Logo Signage and Display, Complimentary Business Cards, Unique Common Areas, Complimentary Print, Copy & Scan, Office Supplies, Secure High-Speed Wi-Fi, Use of All Locations, Coffee Bar, Complimentary Beer and Wine, Mailroom Package Handling, Private Phone Booths, Daily Cleaning, 24/7 Secure Access, Member Benefits and Discounts, & Kids’ Zone, and more.

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