Although it seemed as if it might never end, 2020 has officially come to a close. We would like to thank every coffee company that provided some sort of substantial discount this past year, you really kept us alive and well. While 2020 challenged us, it also enlightened us.

The end of the year means a new beginning and we’re all about New Year’s resolutions – to some extent. For many, the new year is a time of growth and change – a time to set goals and try our best to stick to them after the first week or two. However, there seems to be this stigma around New Year’s resolutions. In order to be successful in setting and achieving goals for the new year, you have to be intentional and true to yourself. This year, before declaring how you would like to grow or what you would like to learn or accomplish, try getting to know yourself on a deeper level. We are constantly changing and what we may have wanted a month ago could have completely changed. So, how does one set goals with intention? We have some tips

1. Get to Know Yourself

This may seem self-explanatory or it may seem completely foreign. In short, set aside some time to sit down with yourself and ask the serious questions – Are you where you want to be? Are you on track to get there? Do you feel confident in your abilities? What could make you feel more confident? What little things do you enjoy? What would you rather steer clear of?

2. Take Notes

Map out what exactly it is that you want to accomplish and what road you will take to get there. Notes & sketches are useful because they help us organize our messy thoughts. Having these thoughts, passions, ideas and inspiration down on paper can help us bring them to life.

3. Take it Slow

Don’t rush into your goals. Take your time and plan well. Spend a little bit of time each day working towards that goal. Dedicate that time and avoid distractions. If someone sets a goal to run 5 miles without stopping, and has never run, well they should not try to knock out 5 miles on the first day of this journey.

4. Be Realistic, But Also Idealistic

This seems contradictory but it’s truly not. There’s a fine line between realism and idealism. When setting your goals, don’t be so lofty that you fall immediately. At the same time, don’t push certain dreams away because they seem unrealistic. Find your happy medium.

5.Don’t Do it Alone

Find someone – a friend, family member or loved one, to work on these goals with. No, this does not mean find someone with goals and adapt those same goals. It also does not mean find someone with the same exact goals that you had already mapped out. This just means that the road to achieving dreams can be difficult. Spending it with someone who also has goals, whether they are similar or different than yours, will make it that much more meaningful.