Thu, March 9, 2017,9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

What Is This About?

At many points in the selling process the buyer faces the choice of either standing their ground or playing by rules given to them by the prospect. Those rules include free consulting, competitive bidding, free presentations and absolutely no commitments on the part of the buyer. This point of decision is called “Wimp Junction”. This is where so many sales people lose their commissions, their self-esteem, and in some cases their livelihood.

Who Should Come to this Briefing? This briefing is for you if you are in financial services, accounting, contracting, marketing, engineering, architecture, IT/software, web development, recruiting, consulting and must sell to grow your business.

This is a great event for you if:

  1. You are concerned that you are not achieving your sales goal
  2. Frustrated by the process of prospecting and selling
  3. Worried that people will see you as just some sales person rather than a skilled professional.
  4. Rejection is getting the best of you
  5. People seem to use you for free consulting and then don’t buy from you.
  6. Can’t get to the decision maker
  7. No prospecting system – You’re winging it
  8. Can’t overcome prospect’s objections
  9. You don’t know how to describe what you do in a way that people find compelling.
  10. Fear is holding you back

In this briefing we will examine why this occurs and review some strategies you can use to manage these challenges more effectively.

This event is free of charge.

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About John Maxwell
John has spent a large portion of his career on developing marketing and sales programs for high technology products and services. He has extensive experience helping businesses in financial services, technology, engineering, contracting, consulting, and manufacturing. His executive leadership experience includes Vice President positions with Summus, Inc and director level positions with Motorola. John has developed and implemented marketing and sales programs for a broad range of channels, services and products.

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