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Luxury coworking space, Co-Optim, announced its Internship Program in partnership with local schools Barrington High School, District 211, and Colleges of Lake County.

Deer Park, IL – Co-Optim, the only luxury coworking space, announced its Internship Program in partnership with Barrington High School, District 211, and College of Lake County. The Co-Optim Internship Program is an opportunity for high school and college students to gain professional experience and build skills by being paired with established professionals within the Co-Optim membership network. In addition, Co-Optim donates a complimentary coworking membership to each student intern for the duration of their time in the program.

The Co-Optim Internship Program offers students a first-hand experience within the rapidly growing concept of coworking, while highlighting the value and benefits of early career networking. Through the program, students have the opportunity to learn from professionals of a multitude of business sectors such as: finance, law, real estate and marketing, and across several facets of entrepreneurship. For many students, this is a first chance to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world work conditions.

Co-Optim Founder/President and Barrington High School alumnus, Joseph Elias, feels passionately about giving back to the community. Upon developing the Co-Optim concept, Elias envisioned creating a space whereby mutually beneficial business connections are forged not only peer-to-peer, but also between experienced business people and young people learning about business.

“Giving back to the community and helping students grow is what gives life meaning,” Elias said. “We are excited to share with the students the positive workplace environment that Co-Optim brings to our members every day. We are hopeful their experience learning from the members will inspire them in their own endeavors.”

Co-Optim is the only luxury coworking space providing individual private offices coupled with high-end amenities and exclusive networking events. Co-Optim’s flagship location in Deer Park, Illinois was established in November 2017. The company has since expanded into its second location in the Chicago West Loop.

Co-Optim is proud to stand by Barrington High School, District 211 and College of Lake County as a safe and educational environment. As the idea of coworking is on the rise, students will be introduced to the great possibility of what their careers may entail, and having an office in an open atmosphere.

For more information regarding available office leasing and membership options, please contact Amanda Elliott at (312) 819-2100 or via email at Additional information regarding the company, available offices and how to become a member can be found at

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Co-Optim is the only luxury coworking space individual private offices coupled with high-end amenities and networking events. Co-Optim promotes wellness and growth in the workplace through aesthetics and convenience, where brilliance and creativity flow freely. #WorkHappy