It's time to #WorkHappy

Affordable Luxury Offices

At Co-Optim, our luxury coworking space and high-end amenities helps you be productive and enriches you with community that goes beyond the office – it’s really a lux lifestyle. We’ve created the lux life series where every month we will be highlighting a new business that exudes originality, fine craftsmanship and the convenience that helps us and our members #WorkHappy.

To kick off the series, we are introducing you to our partner for September: AIRE Ancient Bath. AIRE Ancient Bath is a space inspired by the tradition of ancient Roman and Greek baths, dedicated to the relaxation of the body and mind in which time does not exist.

Chicago is one of six global locations where this ancient tradition has been brought back to life. Originally opening in 2001 in Sevilla, AIRE selects historic buildings to revive. In New York, it’s a textile factory; in Chicago, the River West location used to be a paint factory.

Co-Optim Spa Day:

It’s an experience we had to see for ourselves. Co-Optim went for a spa day after work. Our rideshare took us right to AIRE, nestled on a neighborhood street with views of the Chicago skyline. An AIRE sign and two lanterns marked the secluded entrance, and as we walked down the alley, we took in the salutiferous air and knew we were in the right place. When you walk in, you are immediately calmed by the yellow glow of candles and plush, comfortable sofas. The ambiance and atmosphere immediately put you at ease.

We changed into bathing suits, AIRE robes and shoes, and walked out on the balcony overlooking what would be a transformative 90 minutes. AIRE built a series of hot and cold baths, two steam rooms and a salt rub station. As you go from warmer to hotter to colder pools, your body relaxes and contracts. By the third bath, you start to feel the effects.

AIRE: Steam Rooms

Some of our favorite aspects of AIRE were the steam rooms. They did get steamy and had distinct scents. One was lavender and the other steam room had a eucalyptus scent. What made the experience better was that AIRE only allows 20 people at a time, so you had space to lie down on the slabs and truly take in the moment. They even have a cool pool to dip into while in the steam room when you get too hot.

What we thought was interesting is that there are no clocks or phones or timers. AIRE believes that when you listen to your body, you’ll know when to transition from one pool to the next.

You would think floating in the flotarium which has the salt content of the Dead Sea would be an epic finale to a mesmerizing evening, but the AIRE experience continues when you’re back in the changing room. It’s there, when you’ve changed and you look in the mirror that you see a new glow on your face (that might I add is still there the next day).

AIRE + Co-Optim:

We’re so excited to partner with AIRE this month and hope you check out this ancient tradition. Join us at the Back to Basics event in September at Co-Optim West Loop for your chance to win your own AIRE experience! We will be giving away a complimentary AIRE package to one lucky winner.

Click here for more information on the event.